As I am going through my mid-life crisis, each year my skin keeps demanding for more TLC. Its thirst for moisture keeps increasing and that is why I keep a check on the market for better and improved formulas to quench it.  As I have always been a victim of oily skin, I kept looking for moisturizers which would prevent further breakouts. Now that my skin has gone from oily to the combination, I feel the need of a good hydrating moisturizer during winters. But then, recently, my pursuit eventually ended until I found these amazing 4 gel-based hydrating moisturizers.

Why hydrating gel moisturizers?

Gel Moisturizers are basically lightweight with most formulas being oil-free, they hydrate skin without leaving behind any greasy residue. Gradually, through my extensive usage of certain products, I have figured out that these hydration packed moisturizers are amazing to wear under the makeup and equally good for oily to normal skin types in summers. Though in winters, the dry skin types might need a little more like facial oils for which I recommend this amazing facial oil.

Clinique Dramatically Different™ Moisturizing Gel

I opted for Clinique products when the first time I used their anti-blemish skincare range. The products cleared my resilient acne instantly which wasn’t even budging by countless dermatologist prescribed medicines & lotions. This gel has been an amazing addition to my skincare collection.

Most of all, it has barley & sunflower seed cake extract plus a good amount of hyaluronic acid to pack in the moisture. I apply it immediately after I come out of the shower as it’s a little much heavier than other gel-based formulas I have used. Clinique has also made another variant of this for dry to the very dry skin named as  Clinique Dramatically Different™ Moisturizing Lotion+.

Neutrogena Hydroboost Water Gel

Neutrogena is also a brand which caters to problem skin. This product was made with the concept of power packed moisturization for oily n combination skin. Besides, the moisturizer is much more than that. Its beautiful blue jar is not just reassuring from the outside but it gives me serious calming vibes the moment I slather it on my skin. Hydroboost’s invisible formula gets absorbed in seconds and plumps up the whole texture of the skin. The jar is big enough to keep going for months even after regular use and I would really recommend wearing this under your makeup for the days when you are wearing matte foundations.


Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream

Since the Kiehl’s ultra facial cream became the best seller, It came up with a gel-based version of the same too custom formulated for oily and normal skin type. The gel-based cream contains cucumber and Imperata Cylindrica (Desert Plant Extract) both of which are proven for skin conditioning.

As soon as I opened the jar a faint smell made me feel surreal & as soon as I put it on my face, I started feeling a cool sensation. The gel-based formula claims that it can be used as day as well as night cream which makes it quite cost effective for the price. A little goes a long way for the formula. The cream finishes transparent and gets absorbed in just one stroke.

Garnier Hydra Bomb /Moisture Bomb

Ok, so the last one & my favorite would be the Garnier Hydra Bomb and yes this is a bomb packed with super hydration which is really lightweight. It is so lightweight that I can apply it 2 or 3 times in a day as it gets absorbed into my skin like it was never there in the first place. The gel formula packs amla & pomegranate which are great for their antioxidant properties along with Hyaluronic acid.

After repeated use, I felt that within a week my skin felt really supple, moisturized, brighter and smoother. Gradually, it started showing a very dewy and healthy glow. I also felt that any fine lines also got plumped while using this. The gel smells incredible, is totally invisible and a little goes a long way for this formula too.

Final Thoughts:

I think all of the moisturizers are very cost friendly as a little goes a long way for all of them. Some of the formulas like Clinique Dramatically different moisturizing gel might be a little high end but the other products mentioned were equally competitive with this gel. I would not say that anyone can be selected but if given a choice to buy a drugstore product, I would say Garnier hydra bomb. Still, if you want to invest in a little high-end product go for Clinique dramatically different moisturizer gel.

Disclaimer: These posts are not sponsored. All the products are purchased by me. Any reviews and opinions stated above are by me, after thorough testing. The product may or may not work exactly on your skin, depending on your skin conditions.