Here are the MAC lippies you need to have
Here are the MAC lippies you need to have
Here are the MAC lippies you need to have
Here are the MAC lippies you need to have

No matter how many lipsticks you buy a women’s makeup collection isn’t good enough if she hasn’t stocked some MAC lippies.

Claimed to be the most pigmented and having the most enormous collection of lipsticks intrigued me to consider buying a few. So after a lot of research and reading reviews here and there I finally got down to purchase only few shades (although no owner I wanted to pack the whole matte lipstick stand). The different variants of mac lipsticks leave you craving for more and more once you get away from the mac shop (MAC gluttony I must say).

Well here is my take on the most amazing MAC lippies. A MAC lipstick throughout the world sells for an average of 23$ -27$. All the lipsticks are widely known through their cute and witty names. All the sales girls are able to recognize the shades immediately once you ask them to get you a certain lipstick by its name. MAC was initially developed as fashion cosmetics to be used majorly on ramp during fashion shows which gives the reason why MAC has such a huge range of shades in foundation, lipsticks and powders.

MAC lipsticks comes in various textures recognized by their formula, staying power and texture These textures are matte, retro matte, amplified, cremesheen, frost,lustre,satin and glaze.

These all have very different staying power from a couple hours to 6 to 7 hours. Pretty much all the textures have similar shades like nudes and pinks  in different variants such as matte and cremesheen. The lipstick swatches are all over the internet offering  great assistance to someone who doesn’t have access to a MAC store nearby or wishes to order online makeup.

Here is my review  on some of the MAC lippies and tips on colors you can wear with those lipsticks.

Please Me ( Matte)

This is by far the perfect pink on the makeup stands. Its high pigmentation changes your looks instantly. Your dark smokey makeup can be softened instantly by wearing this or will go perfect with your pastel outfits. This is the perfect shade to go with blues and I mean it. You will pop like a candy wearing this. The staying power as a matte lipstick goes from 5-6 hours and if you plan not to talk much then probably a little more. Please me is a popular shade and it has this extra oomph that work amazing with warmer skin tones.

Velvet Teddy (Matte)

Again a very pigmented nude color which is matte and gives maximum color transfer. When I asked the sales girl on the counter for a perfect nud. She suggested me this and upon application the color pay off was very intense. The lipstick is perfectly suited with fuchsias, reds and even pastels. The formula stays like a charm from 5 to 6 hours. Though nude colored lipsticks are more prone to quickly go beyond the lip contour. Velvet teddy is a popular shade in terms of daily wear.



Ravishing (Cremesheen)

Ravishing being a top seller and now converted to even a lip creme is the perfect neutral peach. When you put it on your lips, this is the kind of shade which will make you stand out with those aqua blues and lemon yellows. Since its a creamy coralish peach it has the ability to go off or blend off easily when you eat or drink so one swipe might not be enough. I would suggest to keep this shade handy in your purse for few touchups. The shade tends to lose its essence when it gets blended as the bright coral starts to fade away. Ravishing has a great color pay off in terms of its creamy formula and sure to pop up your summer outfits.

Vegas Volt (Amplified)

Well the amplified vegas volt is a semi matte peachy orangish kind of shade. The color payoff is really great and amazing with only one swipe which gives you a bright pop of color. The color instantly charges up white outfits and white tees. While people with darker skin tones would be able to enjoy this shade more while wearing lighter color outfits. However, if you dont want to look wearing  a bold lip color, you can opt for a much blended out color application.

Sin (Matte)

During my fall finds for liquid lipsticks and vampy lip colors, I instantly fell in love with the Matte shade sin which is basically claimed as a dupe of lime crime “wicked” . Although “Diva” Matte is more of blood red with hint of brick red in it. I opted for Sin because of the great color pay off this amazing lipstick shade had to offer. The shade is the perfect fall shade when you are all dressed in black from top to bottom. And when you just want to keep your makeup minimum. The gradual buildup of this shade looks like a dark blood red color and would look amazing on pale skin tones. If you are wearing a foundation in one shade lighter, this shade will  balance your skin tone.

Peach Blossom (cremesheen)

Creamy, pigmented and a perfect fresh peachy pink. When I wore the peach blossom on the sales counter I immediately loved it being as the perfect peachy pink lipstick ever found. It had that little hint of shine that makes your lips look like a quenched sponge. Well peach blossom is sometime pink and at times peach kind of a shade. It is the kind of shade when you don’t want to look like you are wearing something. Best for whites and peaches indeed.


Do you have any of these lipsticks in your makeup collection. Please let me know in the comments below.