Nosedive- Black Mirror Episode Review

So last week I watched an episode of the Netflix Original series “Black Mirror”.

As spooky as the name seemed, This First Episode of Season 3- “Nose Dive” wasn’t one at all.

It was recommended by a friend of mine from Nashville, US to watch this specific episode as she knew that I am struggling to survive in social media with the constant expectation of maintaining a profile through my blog and any connected social media platforms..

The episode showed life ahead of times somewhere in future where your virtual presence is considered more than your real one. The class system has also influenced the online presence of people and therefore, reflects on their social media profiles too.

The series starts with a girl who is trying to live a life of “Techno-Paranoia” with her eye implants and constant cell phone usage to see other people’s social status. Lacie Pound played by Bryce Dallas Howard is shown as a girl who is too careful about how seriously she is taken on the then “social media” –  A place where people are valued and respected only through a rating system.

As the story unfolds, it is shown that the Lacie is trying hard to get in the league of A-listers and highly rated people. This makes her strive to gain influential connections in whatever way she can.

Lacie is desperate to have a good home and a great elite life & in a frantic move, she starts to connect with a childhood callous friend Naomi (Alice Eve) who apparently has a better rating on social media than her. In a series of events, her friend Naomi uses her again and invites Lacie to her rich fat wedding.

In an eager desire of getting her rating up in the social media scene, Lacie attempts to prepare a fake speech to gain her rating on the wedding eve. Things do not go as expected while her traveling due to which her rating go down suddenly. Lacie goes hysterical when Naomi refuses to accept her as soon as she comes to know about the declining rating of her friend. Lacie creates a chaos at the wedding, gets caught and given in custody.

Her eye implants and cell phone is taken away and she starts to express what she really feels from inside.

Anyone who is not on the hi-life bandwagon is still considered as “dull”, boring and less of a socialist

I personally think that It was a great wakeup call kind of an episode. It was quite relatable and I could see from where the whole concept was coming from as we too are slowly getting into the obsession of keeping our virtual identities superior to the real ones.

The class system still prevails and people like to showcase their high life to portray their social presence on the internet. Anyone who is not on the hi-life bandwagon is still considered as “dull”, boring and less of a socialist which is making us judgmental on the fib that he/she is missing on life.

Scripted by Rashida Jones and directed by  Joe Wright, the message given through the series was pretty thought-provoking. It was a straightforward depiction of Scripted by Rashida Jones and directed by Joe Wright, Nose Dive is a straightforward depiction of how obsessed we are in today’s world just to seek approval on social media & virtual communities.