Motivation is the key to a workout.It has that energy to make you rise up early morning on a cold rainy day , gear up and get out of the door for a jog. No wonder, motivation is a key factor to change our dreams to goals and then accomplishments.

And ,what’s better than music to get yourself all geared up to walk that extra mile or start those deadly crunches. From basic warm up to getting yourself high enough for more push ups, we recommend these top 12 songs  to get your heart rate pumped up to the max.

1. Warm up 

Well, the warm up should be fun and peppy.We bet these songs will make you feel like jump up and down like a bungee.

And then this one which will get all those endorphins up your blood stream.

2. Workout

and just when you have bounced enough to get those arms and legs working , start on listening to begin those burpees because you are a cool girl who dont take S#@&! from noone.

and then listen to this because when those arm curls seem too hard.. tell yourself if it doesn’t kill ya , it would make ya stronger.

and then this to feel that girl power in you can do those squats back to back …
who runs the world … hell yes !! Girls

and then Werq, Werq, Werq ... that  fat off . off course !!

Work it, make it, do it, makes us…
Harder, better, faster, stronger…

and once you go stronger, you won’t give up that easy“….

and this 2012 song by flo rida because once you are on that elliptical you start having those feelings you never never never never had before”.

and finally to lean on those lunges to get that sweat on.

 3. Cool Down

Listen to some coldplay (because he is cool AF) to stretch, meditate and relax.

Mission Accomplished!!

Do you have any songs that motivate and inspire you to workout? let us know in the comments below.