lazy day burger

So at last, I gathered all my energy and motivation to start writing back on the blog while it was feeling loneliness here. I thought to start with a pretty simple recipe post. I am posting today a lazy day burger which is just as easy as boiling eggs because, well, all you have to do it to mix them to make a sandwich burger I mean.

It is the quickest & most rad snack ever as all the ingredients are more or less equal to the ingredients of an omelet, and you can even have it while binge-watching Black Mirror or Sacred Games on Netflix, in breakfast, or even when packing for a picnic. Not only that, I am also throwing a peppery corn on the cob recipe too over here because it’s always better to have some variety to crunch and munch.

Here are the ingredients and recipe for both.

Egg Burgers

Ingredients:          Makes 2 Burgers

Eggs                       3 Medium

Cucumbers           1/2 Medium ( Peeled and diced)

Green Capsicum   1 Small  ( Diced)

Buns                        2 ( White or Brown)

Lemon Juice           1 tsp.

Light Mayonaise    1 Tbsp.

Red Chilli Flakes    1 Tsp.

Black Pepper          To taste

Salt                           To taste

Butter                      1 Tsp.      (to grease buns)

Lettuce leaves        2  ( 1 for each bun)


1. Mash the boiled eggs and mix the diced cucumbers & capsicum.

2. Add  Mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt, red chilli flakes and mix until well blended.

3. Heat the grill pan and lightly toast the buns cut side down) until grill marks appear. (30 seconds to 1 minutes)

4. Spread the Egg Mixture on bun bottoms. Add the lettuce leaf, salt, and black pepper to taste.

5. Set Bun tops in place and place on the grill pan for 20 secs. until warm.

6. Serve with fresh lemonade or hot tea.

Chilli Garlic Corn on the Cob


Sweet corn cob    1 Medium

Butter                     1 Tbsp.

Red Chilli flakes   1 Tsp.

Dried Parsley         1  1/2 Tsp.


1. Boil, corn cobs until tender. Drain.

2. Heat the grill pan over medium heat. Add corn and start grilling, turning occasionally, for 5 mins.

3. Combine butter, garlic powder, dried parsley and red chilli flakes in a small bowl.

4. Season with salt and pepper. Brush evenly over hot corn cobs. Serve while hot.