Pizza, pasta, dieting or the usual strawberry days…

Sometimes, it gets so hard to accept that strange puffiness around our bellies. and what gets worse is when it comes right around when there is a get-together, date or a party either the next day or the day after.

Well, we all have been through this and believe me, it gives you a lot more competition when the girl who weighs more than you, manage to look skinnier than you. Just because you are going through bad tummy days, you get to look much bigger even in your favorite black dress.

Much worse than that when nothing from your wardrobe fits you well and you have to make some heavy compromises on that favorite dress of yours. Being an all-time victim of such situations, have created some wardrobe options which can be for any woman who; when stands on the weighing scale could transition from the freaking out phase to the breathing out phase.

These wardrobe options are a must-have if you are heavier from the middle or think that you have an apple shaped body. No harm to invest in something which can hide that stuck up extra bloat, due to the extra sodium intake from Kentucky fried or Doritos a night before. If it makes you feel good AF & you look awesome in your photos, it’s well worth it.

So here we go..

Look 1

Whittle your Middle_1

Peplum Tops are trending this season and this is not the real reason why you should invest in one. The real deal is that it will divert everyone’s attention from your middle to your waistline which is actually the slimmest part of women’s bodies.  Moreover, you can get that attention diverted by pairing the peplum top with great shoes because the fit and flare it would have, will make your legs look skinnier & a good pair of heels will elongate your legs more. A layered necklace is always a good investment as mentioned in my previous post.

 Look 2

Whittle your Middle_2

A drawstring dress is a must-have in your wardrobe as nothing else can make you look chic & comfortable at the same time. It hides that middle area flawlessly by giving a casual look. Plus, you are free to eat as much pizza as you like at the party or meetup because much of it won’t show at all. Though a drawstring can look like comfort work clothes but paired with a cool colored bag and a scarf can give an instant chic casual look. Again, a great pair of shoes is a must and what better than a nude pair of mules.

Look 3

Whittle your Middle_3

Outerwears are always important in our wardrobes and let’s just say quite substantial in a “not so skinny” wardrobe. Layering is the best way to hide that extra fat in your middle portion. Long vests are a keeper in every wardrobe as they add not just much more personality to a look but they are a great way to hide the unnecessary flab. A darker color inside can give a great illusion of a slenderer physique. If you feel the look is a little too bland, there is always room for accessories. Accessorize with cute studs, a colorful lock satchel and a rose gold watch to add grace & dimension to the look.

So here is my wrap of the three wardrobe looks to get your middle whittled. You can wear your smile with the same confidence when you are on your bloat days. Hope you liked it. Grab your wallet and shop for these superb pieces this weekend. Ciao