Four drugstore day moisturizers for acne skin
Four drugstore day moisturizers for acne skin

Most of us feel that moisturizing our skin in summer is no good as it can aggravate more acne. I have been a victim of the acne craziness, & I would agree to the fact that nomatter how much acne you keep getting due to those wacky hormones moisturizing should still go on every single day.However, because of the harsh acne drying medications, moisturizing gets more important except the fact that less is always more on blemish prone skin. 

Though the cleansing and toning regime were included very religiously in my skin care, moisturizing was just optional in past. But over the course of time and derma knowledge (obviously through a lot of research and countless dermatologist trips), I gradually saw that moist skin contributes in rapid repairing the texture & boost collagen that is disrupted because of those pimples.

I am reviewing  4 drugstore moisturizers specially formulated for blemish prone skin. They are my go to in summers due to their amazing formula.

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Shine Control Day Moisturiser 

The moisturizer is very light weight and it has a distinct tea tree and witch hazel ( full list of ingredients here)  smell both of them having antiseptic properties. The product claims to work on the skin as below:

  • lightly moisturizing and caring for your skin without blocking pores.
  • blotting up excess oil and controlling shine.
  • blends invisibly and providing a matte makeup base.

The product is, in fact, good for its antiseptic properties but as far as moisturizing is concerned I would recommend to use it as a light moisturizer over a heavy sunscreen so any possible breakouts due to the heaviness of the sunscreen can be avoided. The moisturizer compares pretty well to high-end products such as essence pure skin anti-spot moisturizer. A little of this moisturizer goes a long way and that’s why I can rate it a good economical option.

samples from Essence anti-spot moisturizer, Boots tea tree & witch hazel day moisturizer, Kiehl’s breakout control facial lotion

Essence Pure Skin Anti-Spot Moisturizer

The essence pure skin anti spot moisturizer is also a similar formula like the boots witch hazel and tea tree day moisturizer.  withhazel water &  Zinc PCA ( full list of ingredients here)  which claims to help treat the breakouts. The product has a light medicinal tea tree kind of smell which can be a put off if your skin is sensitive.The consistency of the moisturizer is very lightweight and it gets absorbed easily into the skin.

The product claims to fight breakouts and blackheads due to its “CLEARDERM COMPLEX” which I think is due to the antiseptic ingredients the lotion has. I have always felt that after applying this lotion I can easily go to the kitchen and face the heat because I observed that during the heat, it keeps excess sebum production at bay.  This affordable moisturizer calms the redness due to blemishes but sometimes, when I get serious cystic acne on my neck and chin area I have to switch the anti-spot with something high-end as it falls short on treating those.

Kiehl’s Breakout Control Acne Treatment Facial Lotion

The reason I added Kiehl’s breakout control acne treatment lotion in my skin care closet was the inclusion of salicylic acid in it. To my knowledge, this is one of the few facial lotions which contains salicylic acid. Though the lotion also has other blemish fighting ingredients such as Vitamin B3 too, (see the full list here) the lotion claims to correct and prevent future blemishes.

The lotion is good if you want a hydrating formula as it contains aloe. Many of the acne sufferers like me trust salicylic acid as it really works. My face wash also contains salicylic acid and it has contributed a lot in controlling my acne. Kiehl’s is considered a little high end in terms of skin care because of the natural ingredients included in it. I plan to use it as a makeup base so that the foundation doesn’t give me more acne.

Essence Pure Skin Natural Cover Moisturizer

sample from essence natural cover moisturizer

So this one is my recent discovery and I would list it as a drugstore moisturizer for acne skin. It is also from the essence “pure skin” product range and it also has the “CLEARDERM COMPLEX” complex.  The only difference being that it is a tinted moisturizer.

The “lighter skin” shade suits almost all skin types and it also manages to neutralize that redness due to acne.This is a revolutionary product which is an affordable option along with benefits. It claims to fight spots and blemishes while providing a light amount of coverage and give a smooth mattifying finish.

No one wants to go out to the park while dealing with serious acne and this stands as a great product to hide redness and pimples. The moisturizer gives pretty good coverage & you can walk away with confidence while wearing it. Your acne won’t itch and the redness will remain at bay.

Final Thoughts:

It’s a win win situation for all the above-discussed moisturizers. I have used all of them and all of them serve the purpose. but I do think that there will always be tough competition between the Kiehl’s facial lotion and essence pure skin natural cover moisturizer.You can choose any of them depending on your skin type and acne condition is.

Would you guys purchase a tinted moisturizer along with healing properties of acne? let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer: These posts are not sponsored. All the products are purchased by me. Any reviews and opinions stated above are by me, after thorough testing. The product may or may not work exactly on your skin, depending on your skin conditions.