As soon as I reached my adulthood, like any other teenage girl, my body insecurities started to creep upon me and I kept on closely watching my body for changes such as weight fluctuations, water retention, and those hairy bits at places where they are definitely not welcomed.

With passing years, I use to see those white silvery slanting marks on my body which were a new thing.These were stretch marks which usually appear because of the changes in skin’s elastic connective tissue can be of silvery white, reddish, brown or even purple according to your skin type. They may fade in appearance upon using treatments but might take a long time to disappear.

I used to think “is it just me” or other friends too have those? Is this normal? Are they here forever? Those dreadful thoughts would cocoon me to give out more body insecurities. My curiosity to find out if these marks are standard for all girls my age got me probing few friends. Some of my friends remained unaware saying that they don’t have any whereas others even told me about the rumors heard from their cousins or elder sisters that scratching these silver white marks will make them permanent.

Hmm…I got more intrigued.

As I crossed that age in my life when your self-esteem comprises of how perfect your body is, Google told me that there can be a lot of reasons women could get them. It got simpler for me why I have them, it was due to the weight fluctuations and not because of any myth that I was scratching my thighs.

In my 20s these lines on my body gave me all sort of hidden fears. Fears that no one would own me with these zebra lines.

In my late 20s, I got to know the fact that anyone no matter skinny or fat can have these & I am not the only one here.

In my 30s, there were many serious issues in life that mattered more than those stretch marks. However, I kept on finding something that might be of help other than clinical procedures and finally I found some products which are good at keeping those stretch marks at bay. If you think that stretch marks are holding you back to feel beautiful, check out below tried and tested products.

Vichy Complete Action Anti-Stretch Cream

Vichy Complete Action Anti-Stretch Mark Cream

Well, this cream claims as a dual performance treatment cream while correcting & preventing the stretch marks by restructuring the skin & increasing elasticity. It acts to diminish the appearance of old stretch marks and prevent in getting new ones.

The cream is very emollient as it contains plant oils but not greasy and absorbs well into the skin. However, its effectiveness on my skin is still to be seen so I can’t claim much of it on my old stretch marks. However, if you are pregnant, you can use it as it is deemed safe during pregnancy as per doctors.

Bio – Oil

Next up is Bio Oil which is claimed to be a specialist skincare oil for the face and body, specifically formulated to help reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone. The oil is a blend of calendula, lavender and rosemary oils. Bio-Oil’s mixture of plant extracts and oils help to reduce inflammation and condition the skin. Lavender and Rosemary oils also act as a mild antiseptic & assist in the effective healing of the injured skin.

                                 Bio Oil

 The breakthrough ingredient, PurCellin Oil™, allows for easy absorption of Bio-Oil making the skin soft and smooth. But is it really for stretch marks? there are a lot of mixed reviews on the market about it. Reviewers have majorly endorsed bio oil for accidental scars then stretch marks or cellulite.

There might also be a contradiction in what the product claims as the product is majorly composed of mineral oil, and preservatives except for the plant oils. Vitamin E enriched body oils and lotions are all over the market and how Bio Oil is marketed focusing on scar & mark treatment is what made it popular among people like mothers and pregnant women. Moreover, for such products to take effect, the key is to be consistent and include the product strictly into your regime so the benefits can be seen.

Celebrities and beauty influencers are creating a new standard of perfection by undergoing a whole set of treatments like arm tightening, face lifting, body sculpting and stretch mark removal treatments.

Eveline DermaPharm Multi Oil Essence

Eveline Multi Oil Essence

This is another similar product which claims that it is an innovative formula with seven precious oils with vitamin E. The Oil works by intensely moisturizing, reinforcing and regenerating very dry and rough skin. It helps improve the appearance of new and existing scars. It claims to reduce length, depth, and visibility of existing stretch marks and prevents the formation of new ones. The oil also claims to reduce the visibility of cellulite.

It also contains pretty much the same ingredients like sunflower oil, argan oil, soya oil, chamomile oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, marigold oil, vitamin E. One thing that the manufacturers have clearly mentioned is that it has to be used minimum of 3 months two times in a day to see any differences which give us a little hope if the product is used with consistency.

Dove Summer Glow Gradual Self Tan Body     Lotion- Fair to Medium

Dove Summer Glow Gradual Self Tan Body Lotion

The last resort for these marks is getting a self-tanner. Though I agree that the tanner being a miracle product before going to vacation and enjoying without worrying about cellulite and stretch marks.

Most of the instant tanners do not contain sunscreen and the chemicals in it may give you sun burn if you are too pale. That is why a gradual tanner is a better option. I have used the Dove Summer Glow and highly recommend it if you want to have a natural tan. But keep in mind that you have to start early and be consistent to see a change of color.



Women like me are living with the fact that they have flawed bodies in one way or the other.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays when the media is so over the top glamorized, where you see perfect women all over the internet & social media. Celebrities and beauty influencers are creating a new standard of perfection by undergoing a whole set of treatments like arm tightening, face lifting, body sculpting and stretch mark removal treatments.

Women like me are living with the fact that they have flawed bodies in one way or the other. However, these are not zebra lines but stripes on a tiger which somehow tells the story of the struggles a girl or a woman has gone through. May it be a result of her challenging weight loss efforts or her fluctuating weight due to stress and hormone imbalances or when she was growing another life with in her belly.

Disclaimer: These posts are not sponsored. All the products are purchased by me. Any reviews and opinions stated above are by me, after thorough testing. The product may or may not work exactly on your skin, depending on your skin conditions.
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