My love for washi tapes developed when I started using Pinterest. Those colorful tapes with funky or floral patterns made me curious for their use. I got tempted to try them to revamp some of my old stuff. The beautiful projects from other bloggers made me explore more about them and I instantly started to find sources for purchasing them.

Once I got my hands on them, I really liked the way they would adhere and the way they completely changed the look of something boring. I made my mind to get them to play with some of the plain old things lying around in my house.

I managed to recycle some kitchen stuff into much better presentable usable items.  So, here are the deets .

Makeup organizers

Since I am a pickle lover & use them often in my salads. I buy them in tin cans and convert them to glass jars for storage.

I had some tin cans of different sizes for so long to recycle them as organizers but I knew that acrylic paint wouldn’t look nice.

Since they are already silver color under the packaging stickers, spray paint wasn’t what I was interested in.

Washi tapes seemed to be a great aid for making my dressing table much colorful. I taped some big and small cans with some colorful mix and match patterns. Just make sure to glue the ends well as sometimes the tape can come off from the ends. I have also used some of the cans for holding pens on my bedside table.

Cake Stand

I had always wanted to invest in a cake stand but my hesitation drove me towards Pinterest to save some cash on it and watch some DIY tutorials for cake stands. Luckily, I instantly picked up the idea of reversing a pyrex pie dish on an ice-cream stemware & gluing them together.

Initially, I decided to spray paint the whole stand. But then, I remembered that inside a huge collection of washi tapes I bought from a seller on facebook few months ago, one of them had cupcakes printed on it.

Although I regretted of getting this pattern in the collection, It got to me that right at that moment that everything that comes to you in life has a purpose 😉 😅.

Philosophy aside, I mixed and matched the cupcake printed washi tape with another polka dotted one and the result was amazing. Since it was a kitchenware and could be washed, I brushed mod podge (lustre finish) on the surface of the cake stand & let it dry for a day. however, if you do not have mod podge available you can also spray clear gloss lacquer on the surface to make it waterproof.

Passport Holder

I had a passport holder bought from a thrift shop but unfortunately, the ink of a printed paper got shifted to the cover due to extremely hot weather and it started looking messy. I decided to renovate the passport cover since I viewed some amazing pins of decorative scrapbooks and planners on pinterest.

To recycle my passport holder, I started to diagonally stick several patterned tapes and completed the whole look of the cover which in fact turned out amazing. It looked more like a fresh notebook. I loved the renovation & now I am more intrigued to do something creative once these tapes wear off. I couldn’t glue the ends of the tapes as the cover is rubbery and won’t hold the glue for long. The best way to do it is to cut exactly the right size of the tape for perfect adhesion.

Final Thoughts

My crafty tapes & fun projects haven’t stopped me from trying more projects.I have also used washi tape to make a double story basket and It serves the purpose as an organizer for dry fruits, dates etc. However, I am planning to use it as my everyday skincare or foundation organizer. I plan to post it on my Instagram soon.

Washi tapes are a great way to renovate/recreate anything which you want to recycle especially boring stuff in the kitchen. Washi tapes are available on and In Pakistan, you can order washi tapes from here.

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