5 movies to watch if you love Denzel Washington

As each weekend approaches, you might also be looking for a lazy getaway from the monotony of your routine. A movie therapy is what can make your weekend hit for all sorts of reasons.

Today, we enlist few aspiring and interesting movies starred by the all-time favorite actor Denzel Washington.Not that Denzel is a versatile actor, he has this amazing quality of aspiring through his films. He is one of the few actors who can pull off good or evil characters.

We just leave for his movies to testify what is written. Here are the top 5 movies of Denzel Washington we think are totally aspiring and entertaining.

Malcolm X

With a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 91 %,  Malcolm X (1992) was one of Denzel’s highly acclaimed movie for which he was also nominated for the Best Actor award in Oscars. Denzel’s work for the movie was highly appreciated overall.

The movie was based on the autobiography of Malcolm X and it contained many bits and segments of his life including when he embraced Islam and called Malek Shabaz. From a gangster to a leader, the movie is the story of a man who was unbroken and fought for the black community until last minute. Though, the movie was also criticized for some of the inflammatory speeches made by Malcolm. Over all, the movie is worth a watch and aspires you in many different ways for making you go stronger.Read more about Malcolm X click here 


Antwone Fisher

This is a personal favorite. This 2002 film was directed & starred by Washington himself. The movie was based on the life of Antwone Fisher who started off from a foster home but later on became a screenwriter, director, and producer.

Various chapters of Antwone Fisher’s life uncover when he was sent to Denzel Washington (playing the role of a psychiatrist in the U.S Navy) after getting detained as a result of a fight with his fellow sailor. The story uncovers the painful past of Fisher but later on Fisher was counseled by Denzel and gets back to normal life.

An emotionally touching story which tells us to fight our fears in order to progress in life. The movie got 79 % rating on rotten tomatoes. Read more about Antwone Fisher here


The American Gangster

I love Ridley Scott movies and this one is also worth the time with the amazing performance of Denzel Washington   (playing as gangster Frank Lucas) and Russell Crowe. The 2007 movie is fictional and it contains a good amount of star cast and guest appearances including Idris Alba.

The movie starts off with how Frank Lucas builds his empire with strict business ethics and a strong personality. It eventually travels to the rise and fall of Harlem based gangster who keeps escaping from the police’s attention by keeping himself away from drugs and much noise surrounding the drug business.

American gangster was compared with Al Pacino’s movie “Scarface” by reviewers and was reviewed as “one of the most intelligent gangster films in years”. The movie is rated fresh at 80 % on rotten tomatoes.



Flight is a 2012 American drama film starred by Denzel Washington as William “Whip” Whitaker Sr., an airline pilot who miraculously crash-lands his plane after it suffers an in-flight mechanical failure, saving nearly everyone on board.Following the incident, he was investigated by the aviation authorities in which a series of realities unravel about the pilot’s physical condition on the day of the crash.

Denzel was nominated for Best Actor at the Academy awards for his performance. The movie is rated 78 % on rotten tomatoes and Denzel Washington’s work in the movie is highly praised. The flight crash scenes in the movie were reviewed as unbelievably flawless. Denzel justifies well in his role of a pilot who struggles with lonely life and gets involved in alcoholism but manages to get sympathies from the audience due to his professional integrity.



The 2016 movies grab a 93% on rotten tomatoes. This powerful movie, adapted from Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Fences” showcases Washington as a garbage collector in the 1950s who once dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player but got rejected as he was considered too old for that.

Denzel’s performance as a frustrated man who throws his miseries on his family and talks bitterly about life speaks well about the shattering ambitions of a normal citizen trying to make both ends meet.

The movie was nominated for numerous awards, including four Oscar nominations at the 89th Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Actor (Washington), Best Supporting Actress and Best Adapted Screenplay. Viola Davis playing the role of the wife of Denzel Washington in the movie has won the award for supporting actress.


That’s a wrap for our take on best of Denzel’s movies. Would you like any other movies? let us know in the comments below.