So I watched Hitchki today and what a movie it is. Rani has chosen a very well worked project & have outdone her performance just like in “Black” and “Mardaani”. I really appreciate how Rani & Vidya both choose movies which do not execute on hot bodies and latka jhatkas but storylines that are just so powerful that they take your focus from all those bust thrusts.

I think the movie and the subject have so many meanings in its own sense. It emitted so much purpose to the viewer and has successfully managed to raise so many issues at a time.

Right there through the whole movie was “Stop blaming your Circumstances and get up for yourself”

As seen in the trailer of movie, Rani (Naina Mathur) is shown as someone who is fighting a unique syndrome in which she constantly keeps getting uncontrollable hiccups. They are shown to have become part of her personality & she seems to have made peace with it after all those hard times she faced due to the speech defect in her teens and childhood. Naina decides to pay back to the teaching community who upheld her during her childhood & she ends up being a teacher to a class with underprivileged students. From there on, starts a challenging journey for Naina to fight the insecurities of her students and get them back up with confidence and knowledge.
I think Rani’s performance was phenomenal keeping in mind the constant hiccups she had to act during the whole movie. Naina is shown as that determined woman who is ready to face anything that comes her way as she had seen the worst in her past.

The movie sends positive messages such as bringing your hidden fears on the table and letting them go so you be free of them. Naina’s determined attitude towards her job gives you serious catharsis about your work life. Plus the way she does not lose courage surviving as a woman with speech defect is a real inspiration to many who think they aren’t good enough. An intense message right there through the whole movie was “Stop blaming your Circumstances and get up for yourself”. The movie is also a great motivation to the teaching community as the education sector in the subcontinent is suffering big time overall due to low wages and total lack of motivation of the teachers. Overall, despite some misfit situations, the movie is a great Inspirational story and gives you a lot of emotional moments.

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