ghee vs oil

The Game is strong…

Animal-based Fats or Plant-based Oils… I always remember when I was in my teens, my paternal aunt who visited us from England started on a strong argument against Ghee and Vegetable Oil. Me and my mum kept on arguing that since ghee tends to solidify it cannot be the right choice because it can increase the risk for heart disease.

Looks like we were wrong…

Over the time I researched and found out that animal fat is better than the vegetable sourced fat no matter how much media is raving about cooking oils being healthier.

I first got convinced when Rujuta Diweker the Nutritionist which helped Bollywood diva like Kareena Kapoor achieve a size zero, said that Ghee is the most misunderstood food of our times

Well her words got me, and look at Kareena now again after her baby. Seems like Rujuta’s food insight really made sense.

The Author of books such as Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight and Women And the Weight Loss Tamasha says in her both books that ghee lubricates joints, is beneficial for skin, (ensures) stronger immune function, better memory, heart health, fertility, and also for assimilation of vitamin D.

she adds. “The doubt about ghee exists because people confuse ghee with any other saturated fat. Ghee has a unique carbon atom structure, much smaller than the usual and commonly found and rightfully feared saturated fat. This unique carbon atom chain is what gives ghee all its therapeutic, almost magical, properties.”

People should switch to ghee as it provides the type of fat needed for absorbing fat-soluble vitamins like A and E,” says Diwekar. Ghee serves as an antioxidant and is good for the immune system because it acts as a medium for the absorption of all fat-soluble vitamins. Besides, it has a high concentration of butyric acids and fatty acids that contain antiviral properties.

Our lives have become sedentary, and the more we are getting addicted to packaged foods which mostly includes packaged oils with loads of trans fats.

Many other weightless specialists believe that one tablespoon of ghee should be included in everyone’s diet each day but let’s just be very clear that the amount of Ghee included should be carefully taken into consideration because when ghee is consumed at levels above 10% total calories, it can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. (For a person consuming 1,800 calories per day, 10% of those calories would be 180 calories, or about 20 grams of fat, which equals approximately 2 tablespoons of ghee.)

At levels under 10% of total calories, ghee appears to help lower cardiovascular risks, especially when other fats consumed during the day are exclusively from plants or plant oils.

But I would definitely won’t disagree on the good many plant-based oils like coconut and olive oil brings. As our lives have become sedentary,  and the more we are getting addicted to packaged foods which mostly includes packaged oils with loads of trans fats, it would be better to use olive oil which is lighter and contains a lot of benefits.

Olive oil is claimed to improve biomarkers of health. It raises HDL (the good) cholesterol and lowers the amount of oxidized LDL cholesterol circulating in your bloodstream. Do make sure to choose quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It has much more nutrients and antioxidants than the refined type. Plus, it smells and tastes much better.

Coconut Oil would be my second go to in plant-based oils as it has two secret ingredients which other plant-based oils don’t have.

Lauric Acid & Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs).

Sounds confusing right, here is the insight on both.

Lauric acid is a powerful virus and gram-negative bacteria destroyer, and coconut oil contains the most lauric acid of any substance on Earth.

About MCTs, they have something magical in them. Being smaller, they permeate cell membranes easily and do not require special enzymes to be utilized effectively by your body. They are easily digestible so they put less strain on your digestive system. Medium Chain Triglycerides are sent directly to your liver, where they are immediately converted into energy rather than being stored as fat and consequently help stimulate your body’s metabolism, leading to weight loss.

Since every natural food source out there has its benefits, here is my take on ghee vs oil, I would definitely opt for animal fat on my slices of bread, sandwiches, burritos & chapattis but in limited quantity.

I would love to use raw coconut oil every single day and keep cooking or shallow frying my meals in Olive oil. I would also go for extra virgin olive oil on my salads and dips too as I am not really accustomed to the smell of raw coconut oil as yet. But who knows mmaybein future.