Planning to upgrade your bed linen might be the answer


I always under estimated the power of comforters, duvets and bed spreads. Though, I had always been a fan of beautiful and colorful bed linen but never picked the idea to be creative with them. Recently, I got the notion that bed linens alone can give altogether your bedroom a composed and classic look. Here are some tips which can wake up your room and give it that expensive look.


Source: Coco Lapine Design

Layer shades of one color

Though mix & match has always been in trend, layering a lot of similar shades of one color can revamp the look of your room and will make it a dreamy heaven where you can just drift away.

It can give très chic look and will complement most of the other assets in the room.


Source: theyallhateus

Consider your bed a cushy couch


A bed can be your therapist if you just drown into its coziness. Instead of putting a lot of shams and cushions, you can throw in some more pillows to keep the comfort zone intact. This way you won’t have to get the cushions off the bed in the night and move around the pillows. Plus, the next morning it will just take a second to get your bedding together.

Try color blocking & graphical patterns


People like to opt for floral patterns while choosing a bed spread or duvet. but, if you go a little beyond that & try choosing some graphic patterns like lines or color blocks, the effect can be solid. Color blocking with pillows & bed spreads is also a great idea as this gives a very crisp look to the whole room.