We know that all of us definitely go crazy when we approach that accessories section at the H&M store or any branded outlet. From statement necklaces to chokers , from studs to tassel earrings, sometimes we want to buy what’s out there in the market so we can flaunt our fashion sense.  The fashion retailers let us spend our bucks on more and more everyday by bringing in trendy accessories each season.

The fact of the matter is YES!! .. trendy accessories immediately give that solid image that you are into the current fashion trend. but is that right? Getting on the fashion bandwagon and buying every necklace or bracelet out there would make you look like a classy fashionista? Well…not really because no wonder making smart choices & just following street fashion is totally different.

no wonder making smart choices & just following street fashion is totally different.

We know that all women want to feel beautiful and all of them want to get noticed but sometimes the cost to follow round the clock changing trends can be harsh on your budget.

We have decrypted the essential pieces which are there to stay with you for a long long time.

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Layered Necklaces

This is a must have in your collection. But be careful if you are on the heavier side in the middle. Don’t let the necklace go beyond your midrif section. Whether you choose to add some bling to your outfit or just add a little to that basic white tee. A delicate necklace will always be classy and unless the chrome goes from gold to bronze you wouldn’t have to chuck it in the bin. We  certainly do not suggest buying several matching necklaces to go with every cotton or silk blouse. Choosing necklaces of several lengths and then layering up on one another will not only be budget friendly but can also be used with multiple outfits. Beaded necklaces can add a lot to that boho cold shoulder top with jeans.


Pearly Studs

Beaded or pearl studs should bebe the next most essential in your accessory collection. It is the most versatile pair of studs on the market. The studs can go perfect with almost anything from boho chic prints to more classier dressier shirts. They add a regal look & grace to your outfit. Probably that is why the pearly studs could never be out of fashion for the entire decade and will always be found at most of the retail stores out there. The most amazing thing with these studs is that they come in all colors and sizes. These are a minimal addition that doesn’t account your height , weight or skin tone. You won’t be looking chunkier or skinnier wearing those. What more we want!!


 Plain Gold / Silver Bangles

While we are crazy spending our bucks on all those funky bracelets every month. Our best recommendation is to invest in plain gold and silver bangles. A cute scarf , a cuffed up button down shirt and loosely tied bun will give you that instant glam whether it’s a day time lunch out with friends or even going to work. If you manage to have chunky hands try adding fewer bangles to the arms to make them seem longer.


Statement Necklaces

Recently statement necklaces have become a thing from the past because this trend was lately everywhere from office to party outfits. Statement necklaces have now been replaced with chokers and let us alert those curvy friends! both are not a good option for yo all. Statement jewelry pieces like necklaces and chokers which make the neck look shorter are not recommended unless your dress is on the longer side (below knees like gowns or maxis). Though,wearing a silver traditional statement necklace can add boho glam to those boring silk shirts.


Chandelier Earrings

The chandelier earrings are an investment in your collection that can make your outfits go glam really quick. Whether they are beaded or just plain metal, both will add that overall charming look. Chandelier earrings look great with boho dresses and hairstyles like beachy waves or braids. Be careful while wearing them if you tend to have a chubbier face. Sleeker tassel earrings would go better if you are on the chubbier side. Summery dresses and silk outfits are sure to amplify your look. These are a great keepsake for your summery beachy vacations and festive occasions. Add some waves to your hair with that curling iron that’s been there for ages and doll up with those chandelier earrings.

and you are good to go Cinderella!

                                                                                                                                                              Featured Image Courtesy:earringsbyeryn.com
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