How many time have you felt that your weight loss efforts are not showing the results you have been expecting?

No matter how much you diet, how many abs crunches you do that pooch won’t go. Collectively this takes a big toll on you and you pounce on that chocolate cake once again.

The fact of the matter is that weight loss is a constant battle. It is a battle within yourself and your constant struggle between ” I can achieve that” & “I can never look like her”. The real struggle is in your mind. Almost 80% of us just quit exercising or stop diet when they do not see results within one month.

In reality, the real deal is to stay disciplined through the first, second, third months and so on. It is all about taking responsibility for your health and your body. But that can’t be possible unless you get all your fears down on the table and deal with them. we have jotted down top 4 fears most women go through during their weight loss struggles and present our take to counter those.

Even though now that I was down a few pounds I would still wonder why sometimes size ‘L’ only fits me.

Fear 1:

This dress makes me look fat.

I always used to get really tense when shopping at those stores while on vacation. Each country has its own sizing guide and some time an ‘XL’ won’t fit you just because the size guide varies everywhere in the world. I always use to feel it is me who is the fat one and can’t fit into those dresses no matter what. but then again after getting down on the scale, I figured out that “size” didn’t matter anymore.

Even though now that I was down a few pounds I would still wonder why sometimes size ‘L’ only fits me. Over the time, I got to the fact that size doesn’t matter and no one cares about what size I am wearing. However, they used to compliment on how elegant I am looking wearing the right size. Now I regret why I have been depriving myself with all those good styles.

Always remember that weight loss is your battle and you have to respect your body. If you are not happy with your shape, start planning for your workout plan but don’t focus on the negative thoughts today.Instead, start appreciating how strong you are. Each one of us is blessed with something beautiful and worth appreciating.

Fear 2:

I can never have a toned body like that friend/celebrity.

There is a lot of inspiration out there especially when the life of celebrities and how they look is all over social media. Inspiration can come from anyone like a celebrity, friend or even a recipe. But the real thing is that whenever you start to compare yourself and get sad about your imperfections. Just think that you might not have what they have may it be a speedy metabolism, personal trainer or a house nearest to jogging park.

Sure, they might have to work out straight in the morning due to the body competition they get in their field. You have to think that they might not have what you have such as enjoying a cup of tea with someone you really love and I am sure you won’t bargain that for anything.

The key is to keep reminding yourself that you need to have the ——time and space according to your routine. Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor looks that fabulous because she sometimes works out two times in a day and well that’s not normal. of course, she has an amazing body but her priorities are different and yours too. Remind yourself of these things and other people’s looks won’t matter that much.

Fear 3:

It’s too late now !! I have gained more than before.

Always consider that baby steps are real steps. These small steps are what will take you further. The fear of not reaching our goals is what prevents us from taking that big step. We usually go into procrastination many times during the course of our life but once we start picking up on the realistic goals, we see progress. It can take a lot of time to be a vegan but no one is asking you to quit all the meat on just one fine morning. Everything is possible in life, you just have to keep going and be consistent on it. Start making healthy changes slowly and then stick to them. You will see that they will stick with you more than the cabbage soup diet you keep doing intermittently.

It could be quite embarrassing to tell people how much you weight because you might be judged pretty darn good.

Fear 4:

Unless I crash diet I can’t lose weight.

Most of us are stuck with this concept in our heads that scale matters & it could be quite embarrassing to tell people that number on the scale because we might be judged pretty darn good. This is when we take refuge into crash diets.

It isn’t necessary to have just fitness goals be a reason to eat well and exercise.They could get to raise your stamina or boost energy levels. You don’t need a punishment in your life for what you are struggling with. Eating well and exercising is not a challenge but it is for your own well being. Eating well and sleeping better might be the best way to wind down for you. You don’t need to deprive yourself of anything but making the right choices and enjoying them.˜

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