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Out of so many things you teach your kid every day, one thing if you should is to inspire him to become a gracious apologizer. But let’s get this straight, your initiative matters. Start off with apologizing to your better half on the dinner table or to your kid when you are just on the verge of losing it because he broke that glass the 50th time. Well , no wonder the feeling comes out of rage. But once its off you can start by saying something like this “ I am the grown up here & I bet that it sure has scared you so let me make this right.”

The scary part is that kids usually lose respect for parents who lose control and don’t apologize more often.  So how do we inculcate the ritual when your kids are not kids but babies. Here are some tips for the times when you think it isn’t even necessary.


Every habit  you incite in the child eventually creates a change in the society and he can become a role model for so many others.

Little kids

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So here is the thing… When your three year old grabs your nephew’s toy  we bet that the first thing coming to your mind would be to march over to him, grab the toy back and let him say sorry for what he has done to his cousin. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like this. Just like elders we can’t even force a little kid to  say the words and shaming him in front of the world certainly won’t help.

The fundamental ground in getting along with others is to putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. So the first thing should be “ connect before you correct” & then do it by asking your little one . how do you think your cousin feels right now?  What can make him feel better? He might feel bad & say that he can give a hug. But If he is still angry and resilient you might have to accompany him to walk towards the victim & do the talk yourself like “ we are very sorry for what happened , it was very hard for my boy to resist grabbing your amazing toy. You must be upset now. Here is your toy back. Thanks”.

Well after the whole episode , your kid will eventually learn that apologies makes things better and they can have anything willingly if they choose to make peace.


Apologies makes things better

Elder Kids

With this practice by the time your kid is six or seven he /she would know that if they hurt someone a “sorry “is essential. The main clue is to help your child towards focusing on ways to repair the damage. Sometime kids are more egoistic in their teens and they can be on their highest point at the time something happens but then they should be encouraged to apologize when they really mean it. That’s how they can mend their ways back into a friendship. Verbal apologies mean a lot and these little things help maintain the equilibrium in ethics of the society. Remember that every habit you incite in the child eventually creates a change in the society and he can become a role model for so many others.