Have you ever experienced parasitic relationships within your closed ones?

Parasitic relationships may be a new term for some of you but I am sure everyone does have some. Just like a parasite stays close & leeches on the good of your body, a parasitic relationship is similar. They feed off your exceptional capabilities & intelligence. They would appreciate you one on one but will never uplift you in public and would never want to credit you in public.

Why? Because they are insecure about you getting ahead of them.

Why? Because they see you prospering faster than expected.

So, how do you find out who is actually leeching on you? The best answer is to closely observe times when they keep asking support from you in their own distress but would never credit the support in public or would think inferior of you generally. Another sign is that when you leave the parasitic relation you will prosper more than ever. You will feel free of the expectation of being treated graciously.

This is very important for your own peace of mind & for gaining your focus because then; you won’t actually worry about that heartbreak every time you felt when you were dodged out publically in a very strategic way. You will not break into tears behind that door hoping they will be available in the same way, you were available to them.

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But, the key to coping with such relations is that you always keep a lid on your ability to avenge because vengeance as it sounds to be very superlative, is not constructive. It puts you in a negative state of mind. It draws you closer to the negative perception of things & people around you, & you stop doing the good unconditionally.

Just because someone has decided “Tit for Tat”, it inflicts “doing good” too in a reciprocative way & foreseeing what benefits, social status & revenue it could bring to them. I know that the material world has taught us to see it as a trade but that’s not how humanity works so it’s up to you to decide if you want to stay humane or a trader.

So next time you see closed ones benefitting from you in what they lack & then hesitate to support & uplift anyone but you, publically. You should know who they are – Parasites.

Featured Image courtesy:Bella Swan, from the Twilight series