Hope love faith

Over the years, you will see that there will always be people in your life who won’t acknowledge your struggles no matter how much you strive to prove that you are trying hard to get there.They would keep telling you that it’s not enough.

Your honesty will prick them & it will always make them skeptical about you. And yes, they can be your closest ones too who will never accept you as who you are & won’t approve of you being comfortable in your own skin.

They will never welcome you with an open mind and an open heart because, for them, your failure and struggles make them see you incapable. They would always judge you on not achieving the standard success badge and would look down upon thee because you couldn’t have it sooner than others in the tribe. They will mock you because you do not signify the “norm”.

So always remember, this is to break you down & wound you so that you keep believing that you are defeated and lost.The divide and conquer rule will work for the moment you start listening to them.

The only thing that can knock it is to revive your faith every single day and get past your hidden fears.

This is the only way to grow. This is the only way to flourish.