Know Your Worth

Strong women always know what are they worthy of.

They would always smell pretty soon when they are not regarded and when it’s time to leave the clan.

Probably all of us try hard to get all their courage together when sometimes we have to face those gazes, those taunting judgments and those bitter smiles.

It’s not easy, but at the same time, it’s not mandatory.

You can’t let yourself loose to become a mockery of your own. I always tell my fellow women who come to me for advice that there are always lines drawn between every relationship. Someone coming to your skill might be corrective but someone coming to your personality is questioning your worth and your own self. So, always be very clear about two things in communication. If someone mocks about your skill always take it positive but the moment they stop respecting your character, nature, and persona. Just walk away. You don’t need that kind of destructive feedback in your life.

You always need to know what is your real value because you are the one who strived and toiled for increasing it through knowledge and your own experiences, your choices in life no matter how good or bad they are and if people can’t value that then a million times it’s better to leave the table.