They don’t have a GPS, they don’t have a tracker and they don’t know my address but I am damn sure of the one thing they have.

They have faith.

They are here, every morning outside my window in rain, storm or scorching sun. They don’t know if there will be food or not but they show up for sure. Because they think I will be there to keep something for them in that birdfeeder. Even if their food will go all wet, they have this unsighted trust that it is there for them. Even if I am traveling, they would know that I will put an ample supply in that birdfeeder.

We are more inclined to see things without exploring their deep meanings

They can’t see inside across the window while I can see them but they know there is someone behind that door who is watching them & will provide for them. That’s the amount of blind faith and trust they have.

Watching outside the window, I started to deliberate why can’t we put that sort of faith about our days on ALLAH? That one eternal power who has brought us into this world and who is watching us every nanosecond. Still, we fail to grasp the idea of real faith. The materialistic approach has gone so mainstream now. It has gone so basic no one can see each other without it. We are more inclined to see things without exploring their deep meanings. And we seek relationships for the benefits attached to them and not for the sake of connection or bond we hold with them.

Is this the real reason why we have forgotten the true essence of faith?

Well, I and I am sure many of us must have gone through this a lot. Don’t we all get obsessed to achieve things which actually should be left totally on accord of ALLAH because HE only knows if its best for us & the right time when it will be best for us?

Honestly, maybe we don’t want to have that kind of faith because this society does not want us to authorize it. The growing rat race of winning over one another for attention, riches, power and even face value is making us frantic every single day.

These birds just don’t have to get into this. They don’t have to go into any competition on power, progress or wealth.Their life goes on day to day basis & this is what we have failed to apply in our lives. We think we cannot afford to live without thinking about a secure future for the rest of our lives. But what we don’t think is that plans can never be executed by humans. One divine wrath can put us all over the place and anything that we strive to possess day and night too.

I saw these birds and it brought me so many random thoughts. It made me revisit everything I wanted to achieve just for the sake of my own worldly satisfaction.

To be honest, I felt bad.

I felt bad that they are also created by ALLAH and me too. But my approach towards life has rapidly swirled around these worldly possessions which are compelling us in every way, sadly.

It was satisfying as well as deep for me to watch outside my window that day. Brought me so many thoughts and so much to ponder. I think about it now and have inferred that it was for a purpose too…