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9 Months from now I didn’t know anything about a lifestyle blog. I didn’t know anything about WordPress.  A year before this I use to just binge watch all those style bloggers and they were on my bloglovin portal. My aspiration for blogging and inspiring others was always there. Although, my work life couldn’t give me a chance to see my potential in another perspective but my passion didn’t just died there. It was living there around a corner of my mind. Sometimes I would put it to sleep but sometimes I would just go all excited about it. I didn’t know any platforms to have the right kind of support from the bloggers’ community.  My self-confidence on writing and blogging was low and I was clouded if I can openly write or even blog. But Allah has other plans for you when you are not even thinking of one.

 My closed ones asked for more as they were reading it and getting inspired from it

While I was visiting back home, I and my brother were just talking about social media and something came up about blogging. He instantly asked why I don’t blog. I replied to him that I didn’t know much about it and even if I am able to I may not be regular enough to keep up with one. Having said that,  he instantly pitched me in with some people he knew back in the days when he was working as a freelancer.

what I didn’t know about was my own inscriptions & words which I needed to portray to the world

All this seemed very easy when he was saying it out loud to me but my confidence wasn’t giving me enough chance to get something up and running on the world wide web. In my first meeting with the developers, I was asked to choose a name instantly to see if its available on the web. My love for comfort street food instantly got me into The Mix Chaat as I loved the colors it brings to a plate with all the different sweet and sour ingredients. I instantly spoke it out loud & they asked me if I am sure to name my blog The Mix Chaat.

In few days, My lifestyle blog was set up but what I didn’t know about was my own inscriptions & words which I needed to portray to the world. I would just write bit by bit about various beauty product reviews, recipes & inspirational stuff. Slowly and gradually I started to pick up pace on my content. I was still not very confident about it but kept doing it just because my closed ones asked for more as they were reading it and getting inspired from it.

I am very new to the lady bloggers community and I know that It will take a lot of time for me to enter and have my presence known to the lady blogosphere. Even though, I still wish that the Pakistani blogging community could support new bloggers like me in a better way such as introducing them in more blogging communities because as a layman I am striving on my own to get a glimpse of Pakistani bloggers platform.

One month from now many of the Pakistani bloggers might not know me & I may still be a stranger to the Pakistani lady bloggers & the journey may be arduous but I am still a believer of the fact Fall back 7 times but Get Back up 8”. I am quite committed to just inspire more people around me with whatever knowledge or experience I have, may it be food, style, beauty, health, décor inspo, or even relationships.

I still believe the fact that we all at the bloggers community are here to help and inspire each other &  the people around us so why not welcome, share and give a little bit of space to new bloggers, influencers, entrepreneurs as after all they are also trying to make the world a better place with their knowledge & experiences with life.